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507/04/17 Information request Hans Van looDear Anna Gamurak, we have asked our ISWIM-Vendors to send you information on the solutions and technology they provide directly to your e-mail address. I am sure that this will give you an overview of the most advanced technology available in the market today. Furthermore I will send you a general paper on the different applications of WIM for weight enforcement including examples in a number of European countries.
406/04/17 Information request Anna GamurakThe Department of Construction and Transport of Belgorod region (Russian Federation) kindly asks you to provide us with the information about dynamic weight and dimensions control for lorries world best practices:
- the most advanced technologies of WIM applied in the world now,
- the statistics of WIM complexes installed all over the world.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
324/02/17 ICWIM7 Proceedings Hans Van looAll the papers and presentations are available on the website.
Just log in and follow the links: 'Conferences', link on the top right;
'ICWIM-7', link in the list on the right side; 'Sessions', link at the bottom of the page;
'Session 1-8', with the papers and presentations of each session
216/02/17 ICWIM7 Post Proceedings Raoul CasagrandeCould you please advise as to when the ICWIM7 post proceeding papers will be available to the Forum? Thanks
106/02/20 Hans Van Loo

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