ISWIM comments' submission to R134: 2006 "Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads"

ISWIM is a liaison organisation of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML). OIML decided to undertake a revision of R134: 2006 Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads. ISWIM instigated a Working Group to collect responses from its wide member base comprising end-users, vendors/consultants, and academics/researchers.

The Working Group comprised ISWIM Directors as follow:

The Working Group was overseen by Adriana Antofie (ISWIM Directors) in her capacity as Metrology Advisor.

The directions from OIML were that they required a collective consensus response from ISWIM, that is one view/position. Hence the formal response to OIML comprised the areas/responses to which ISWIM responders generally agreed. This is attached here.

However, the responses also indicated diverse views and opinions, in particular, the Vendor and Consultant College. To ensure ISWIM's integrity in expressing its members' views, a second document was produced in which all comments from the Vendor and Consultant College responders were captured and disseminated to OIML. This document is not available herewith because several of the responders advised that their comments would be confidential. Importantly their comments were transposed against each of the questions and forwarded to OIML.