Optimising Road Freight Transport using WIM Data

The seminar on Weigh-in-Motion is the third International seminar organised by ISWIM, with a specific focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the main ISWIM event between two International Conferences (ICWIM8 and 9). It first targets the Regional community of WIM and intends to address their needs and requirements. However, it will also be the opportunity to invite worldwide experts on WIM to meet with African partners. Several countries in this region have been using WIM systems for many years, while others have only recently started implementation.

The seminar is designed to address the broad range of technical topics related to heavy vehicles and size & weight measurement systems and use of mass data. It will be providing access to the latest developments in WIM sensor and system technology, best practices in implementation of WIM systems and user experiences with the different applications of WIM data. The symposium will consists of a series of technical session, a panel discussion and some end-users' sessions where the end-users will get direct information about the best practices and the application of WIM data, and WIM vendors and consultants will present their solutions.


  • To provide an International platform showing recent developments in WIM technologies, applications, operations, standards and research,
  • To facilitate the meeting of users, vendors and researchers from different countries to share and exchange experiences with the use of WIM systems and WIM data,
  • To show the status quo in WIM sensor technology and the implementation of WIM systems through an exhibition of WIM vendors and a technical tour to operational WIM sites.

Who should attend

  • Agencies responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure, pavements and bridges.
  • Government agencies responsible for size and weight enforcement and the operation and control of heavy vehicles.
  • Agencies using weight information to support policies on (international) freight mobility, traffic safety, and road pricing.
  • Researchers and student in WIM technologies, WIM data analysis, design of road infrastructures vehicle-road interaction and freight transport logistics.
  • Manufacturers, vendors and users of WIM systems, data, or related equipment and services.