South Africa is a region of incredible diversity in landscape, wildlife and culture. You can experience deserts, savannah, forests, endless beaches, mountains, modern cities, epic scenery and prolific wildlife. The people of South Africa are made up of many diverse cultures and hence it is known as the "Rainbow Nation" with eleven official languages. There is nowhere better to view the "Big Five" than Southern Africa's National Parks and game reserves.

Pretoria is South Africa's administrative center is a handsome city with some gracious old architecture, significant historical sites for South Africans of all races, prosperous leafy suburbs, and wide streets lined with jacarandas. Pretoria's most well known sites include; the Parliament and Union buildings, Soweto with Nelson Mandela's house and the graffiti on the Orlando Towers and the Voortrekker Monument.

Chris Koniditsiotis
President of ISWIM.