´╗┐The General Assembly consists of all members of ISWIM:

  • Individual members have one vote each.
  • Large corporate members have 5 votes each, small corporate members have 2 votes each.
The Board, elected by the General Assembly, consists of up to 15 members:
  • 11 members are elected by the General Assembly,
  • 2 members are elected by the Vendor's College,
  • the Board may co-opt a further 4 members provided the total does not exceed 15.
The Board elects an Executive Board made up of:
  • President
  • Vice President (Science)
  • Vice President (End-users)
  • Treasurer
  • General Secretary
  • Information Officer

Vendor College

Chair: Andy Lees (Q-Free)
Vice-chair: Tomas Pospisek (Kistler)

Regional Groups

´╗┐According to the article 5.1 of its statutes, ISWIM may form regional groups to develop and support its activities and WIM in a continent or series of countries.

Latin America Regional Group (ISWIM-LA)
The ISWIM Latin America branch has been founded on April 5th 2011. The board approved this as the first regional group within ISWIM. The ISWIM-LA branch is formed of the members from Central and South America.
The provisory board of the ISWIM-LA branch is composed of, from April 5th, 2011:
- Chair: Valter Tani (Labtrans, UFSC, Brazil)
- Vice-chair: Roberto Mastrangelo (PAT Traffic, Brazil)
- Secretary: Gustavo Otto (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC, Brazil)

Other potential Regional Groups
North America: TRB WIM sub-committee (ABJ35-1),
Europe: former COST323/FiWi committee members.