ICWIM 3 - 3rd International Conference on WIM: SESSIONS

Introductory Session  (Monday, May 13)
Chair: Bill McCall

Session 1: WIM Testing  (Monday, May 13)
Chair: Eugene O’Brien Co-chair: Clyde Lee

Session 2: WIM Standards  (Monday, May 13)
Chair: Ralph Gillmann Co-chair: Chia-Pei Chou

Session 3: Technical Aspects of WIM Products  (Tuesday, May 14)
Chair: Sophie Jehaes Co-chair: Perry Kent

Session 4: WIM Technologies  (Tuesday, May 14)
Chair: Bernard Jacob Co-chair: Anne-Marie McDonnell

Session 5: Enforcement using WIM  (Tuesday, May 14)
Chair: Chris Koniditsiotis Co-chair: Victor Dolcemascolo

Session 6: Data Quality, Management, and Use  (Wednesday, May 15)
Chair: Mark Hallenbeck Co-chair: Ronald Henny

Session 7: Application of WIM to Structures  (Wednesday, May 15)
Chair: Aleš Žnidaric Co-chair: Jerry Hajek

Session 8: Freight Mobility, Road Safety and Pricing  (Wednesday, May 15)
Chair: Mark Hallenbeck Co-chair: Jesus Leal

Session 9: NATMEC-ICWIM Joint Session  (Wednesday, May 15)
Chair: M. Brown Co-chair: Ralph Gillmann