ICWIM 7 - 7th International Conference on WIM: SESSIONS

Session 1: WIM Technologies  (Monday, November 07)
Chair: Gustavo Otto

Session 2: Use of WIM Data for Highway Traffic Monitoring and ITS  (Tuesday, February 07)
Chair: Lily Poulikakos  Co-chair: Martin Ruesch

Session 3: Data Quality and Accuracy Assessment by Modeling  (Tuesday, November 08)
Chair: Franziska Schmidt

Session 4: Assessment of WIM Systems by Testing  (Tuesday, November 08)
Chair: Javier Jorge

Session 5: Heavy Vehicle Impact on Infrastructures  (Tuesday, November 08)
Chair: Bernard Jacob

Session 6: Overload Enforcement  (Wednesday, November 09)
Chair: Hans van Loo

Session 7: Direct Enforcement  (Wednesday, November 09)
Chair: Chris Koniditsiotis

Session 8: Railway WIM  (Wednesday, November 09)
Chair: Louis-Marie Cottineau

Session 9: Bridge WIM  (Thursday, November 10)
Chair: Aleš Žnidarič