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Q-Free TDC Systems


Q-Free UK is a a leading designer and manufacturer of a complete range of traffic monitoring solutions. These include high speed weigh-in-motion systems and vehicle counter classifiers with real time event monitoring applications. Q-Free UK, formerly TDC Systems, has supplied low-speed weigh-in-motion systems and traffic counter classifiers all around the world for 20 years. Q-Free UK is an ISO9001:2000 company.


HI-TRAC ® TMU4 High Speed Weigh-in-Motion System
HI-TRAC ® EMU3 Event Monitoring Unit, Weigh-in-Motion and Vehicle Classification System
LO-TRAC ® 300 Low Speed Weigh-in-Motion & Axle-by-Axle Static Weighing System


HI-TRAC® TMU4 – High Speed Weigh-in-Motion
The HI-TRAC® TMU4 is the flagship instrument and is used to provide dynamic high speed weigh-in-motion and vehicle classification data with high speed pre-selection used for bridge monitoring, weight enforcement and detailed vehicle by vehicle records.


Bridge Load Monitoring & Enforcement System: Erskine Bridge, Scotland.
Bridge Load Monitoring System: Humber Bridge, England + Melbourne, Australia.
Road Monitoring Statistics & Weigh-in-Motion System: Transport Scotland, Scotland + Department for Transport, UK.
Q-Free TDC Systems


30 Lynx Crescent
BS249BG Weston-s-Mare, United Kingdom


Andrew LEES


+44(0) 1934 644 299


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