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Cestel d.o.o.


Cestel d.o.o. is a world-leading Bridge Weigh-in-Motion producer and aims to become a WIM systems market leader through continued investment in research and development. It is a Slovenian company with young and energetic professionals affiliated with scientific organizations and associations. As an active player, Cestel has participated as a leading partner in numerous successful international projects.


SiWIM® Bridge Weigh-in-Motion system is used to weigh vehicles and monitor bridge behavior. As entirely portable, the SiWIM® system can be installed and configured in just a few hours, without any interfering in or even closing the traffic. For the installation SiWIM® is placed under the bridge and onto the superstructure, without damaging it. It analyses bridge behavior in response to traffic weight loads and transforms the collected raw and aggregated data into information, which road authorities can use for a variety of purposes.


Depending on the length of the measurement, the number of sensors and the additional equipment used, collected data can be used for:
• Road maintenance;
• Road planning;
• Preselection for enforcement;
• WIM data distribution;
• Calculation of damage to the pavement;
• Supervision of dangerous goods transport;
• Planning special transport routes; and
• Bridge assessment.


Since 2001, more than 5.000 measurements have been made all over the world. Through innovative method of Bridge Weigh-in-Motion measurements, Cestel has succeeded, in numerous regions, in modifying road design standards to allow current commercial vehicle evolution trends. Our customers range from national ministries and government agencies to academic institutes and private firms.
Cestel d.o.o.


Å pruha 32
1236 Trzin, Slovenia




+386 1 568 17 19


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